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Pro Fitness Personal Trainer

"It's not about your past, It's all about your future". 

Start taking control and take time for you!!!

This client came to me to loose weight. When we started she weighed 194 and we got her down to 169 pounds in about seven months, with the proper diet, training, and support!!! We also added lean muscle mass through resistance training to turn her fat into lean muscle to help speed up her metabolism. She currently works out with me 3 days a week, with very little cardio, we do circuit training using heavy resistance training with weights and machines, leading to a significant after burn effect.

Maria was a cardio girl, and she was doing so much cardio, no weight training, and not seeing any results. Maria wanted to loose weight, tone up, and lean out. I customized a program tailored specifically for Maria, I changed her diet, she started training with me twice a week, since I seen her twice a week, we would incorporate compound strengthening movements for upper and lower body, Maria continues to excel above and beyond. We are currently working on lifting heavier weights to put more lean muscle mass, and get her body fat down just a bit more.

She is already lean, however, she is now in the beginning stages of sculpting and seeing what her body can become, I am excited as we progress on her fitness journey.

She is a true testimonial that cardio isn't the answer!!!   

Meet Betty, This is Betty's 12 week Transformation

Betty came to me unhappy with her weight, she was going to be turning 40 and wanted to get back in shape, and feel confident and fit, she knew she needed to make a change so she contacted me. Betty was a cardio bunny, she ate once a day, works a stressful job, a mom, a wife, and has an auto immune disease, not knowing if she would have the time to train with me due to her crazy schedule, she made the commitment, and was consisted, and followed everything I said. Shes needed guidance on diet and training. I spent time with her putting together a diet, educating her on nutrition, and figuring the right calorie deficit and macros she needed to follow in order to see great results.

Fast forward to now, Betty's final transformations looks like this:

She started with me at 150.2 pounds, she is currently at 130.5 pounds. Betty has lost 20 Pounds!!!! Her body fat went from 34.4 % to 25.5% , she is now fit, and healthy, and she has so much energy, and can fit into her clothes again. She was so self conscious of what she had to wear, and now, she feels confident and alive again!!! Betty turned 40 looking the best ever, and she is going into 40's fit, healthy, and transformed.

Side Profile of Betty, loosing fat, putting on muscle, she is a mesomorph body type, she puts weight on all over, you will notice her face on the right looks slimmer, her arms, butt, and thighs, all look slimmer and more toned!

March 2019 Final Side Image of Betty!!!

Weighs 130 was 150 pounds, Betty's 90 day transformation.

Back Picture of Betty- One of Betty's insecurities was her back, she puts weights on everywhere, but more body fat went to her back, you can see in the below pictures of Betty, how she lost the fat, put muscle on, and toned her back muscle, it's like night and day here!!!!

My Client here is 20 years old, you are never too young to start a fitness program. We got this girl in shape for D3 Baseball an NCAA Division Baseball III, she was on scholarship for college, her father came to me wanting me to help get her strength up, I had 12 weeks, prior to me she was doing weight training but very light weight, if anything more cardio, not as much hypertrophy training, we focused on 3 days a week 2 lower body days and one upper body day, each week, we also worked on her nutrition allocating the right macros for her needs. My client showed up every day, worked hard, she got stronger each week, she was squatting pounds more then her own body weight in 12 weeks!!! my client stronger. Dominique put on muscle, lost body fat, looked amazing lifting weights, she completely changed her body!!! Obviously, she looks amazing, weight training does not get you huge!!! It leans you out!

Angelica completed her transformation in 12 weeks, she came to me finally when she realized cardio was not the answer. Angelica tried everything fad diets, tons of cardio, cross fit, and gyms, but never thought that weight training could get her the results she was finally looking for. When she came to me she was not happy with herself, she was depressed, and I was her last resort. I took the time to educate her on nutrition, keeping track of her macros, creating a calorie deficit, and I trained her 3 times a week. In 90 days she went from 33.8% body fat which considered obese to 25.6% just in 90 days, she lost 13 pounds of fat, and put lean muscle on her body, as she replaced the fat with muscle. A total of 17.8 inches came off her

Angelica's 12 week transformation, started at a weight of 153.2 pounds and in 12 weeks I got her down to 140 pounds. She started with a high body fat percentage of which would be considered unhealthy, and I got her into the normal range for her age and height all within 12 weeks. She was depressed, had no energy, and tried everything. By me educating her on nutrition, diet, and training her by her body type we were able to reach her fitness goals, and she is so happy, and loves working out, as it has changed her whole perspective. Consistency, diet, and hard work pays off!!!!