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Pro Fitness Personal Trainer

"It's not about your past, It's all about your future". 

Start taking control and take time for you!!!

Personal Training in Lemont IL. 630 664 9953

Weight training and weight loss in Lemont IL, Homer Glen IL.

In the privacy of a private and fully equipped gym my goal is to provide results and help you achieve your personal goals. Through my experience, your training will be custom catered and provided with YOUR goals as the end result!!!

     There are many training philosophy’s out there, however, my training is designed based on the client’s goal in mind, my program is not a cookie cutter program every one of my clients are different, therefore, each client is assessed very carefully. Form and safety is my first measure my training programs are based on helping clients reach their goals in the safest and most efficient manner possible. I focus on Women's Fitness. 

      I combine Strength Training utilizing compound exercises with adding isolated exercises,  and all the different methods of weight training to help the client build muscle, lean muscle, my one goal is for the client to drop body fat, so I use heavy weight to low rep ratio, moderate weight to 8 t0 12 reps, and sometimes high reps as well, along with super-setting, giant sets, pre -exhaustion and post -exhaustion methods, my programs are never boring,  I also might add in some additional conditioning into the workouts as well.  

     Your training program will be designed based on one thing in mind, replacing your fat       and building muscle. The goal is turn your body into a fat burning machine, and we achieve that by adding muscle to your body as muscle burns more calories then fat alone!!!!  As a woman, we cannot get huge or like a man we do not have testosterone in our bodies to achieve that look, so do not ever worry about what if you weight train and start to look less feminine, it will never happen, I have been weight training all my life, and I for sure do not like any less feminine then I was before.  I love the way my body looks, and I want you to love your body just as much!